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All about me



blog-0967811001379130448.jpgHello, Anonymous AP Physics C student here, letting all you other anons know what i think and stuff.

I was promised points for posting here, so here I am. I have always loved math and science, because applying these subjects has allowed me to better understand the world around me. I am hoping AP Physics C will help me understand the real world and the way things interact in it rather than a world that exists only in an engineer's dreams.

I am taking this class because I love challenging myself and I felt that the classes i took last year didn't do that for me. The calculus will be hard, the problems will be hard, and the course will be rigorous, but it is worth it in the end.

My goals for this class are passing with a 90+ average and getting a 5 on both AP tests. I feel that Mr. Fullerton is more than capable of teaching the class and me everything we need to know to do exactly that.

I am excited about passing this class and giving the school another reason to complain about how it's not fair that I am smart. I feel that this class will be a great way to culminate my high school career.

Lastly, look out for more amazing blog posts coming soon.

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Nice first blog post - and you've set some pretty great goals for yourself here! I will hold you to the amazing blog posts you've promised... and I wish you the best of luck this year!!

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