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the last of the first blogs



1.) So im blogging now, thats pretty cool. As far as backround goes, i play sports and music, thats pretty much the extent of my strenghts and activities. I pretty much just chill, its kinda my thing i guess. I could improve on getting things done on time, as you can tell from how late this blog is.

2.) Im in physics C, because i find it interesting. Im really not that good at, as most of you probably know, or will soon find out. Mr. F always says were smarter then him, but in my case i dont know about that... But i did like physics last year, and i find the concepts and challenge of it this year interesting to.

3.) More Physics knowlege?

4.) Learning some more physics sounds good to me.

5.) Attempting to pass the tests comming up in this class.

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