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cheerleading physics



Cheerleading is a growing sport across the nation and although there is much contaversy on whether it should be titled as an actual sport, there is no doubt that a great deal of physics is involved within cheer. For example, a stunt known as a basket toss is where the bases throw the flyer into the air so at her highest point she can hit an aerobotic move before coming back down. To reach the highest point possible, the flyer pulls up throughout her entire body accellerating quicly while the bases push her up by bending their legs and pushing through their arms. Gravitational acceleration is created by the bases pushing the flyers body up. It is also known that when the bases throw the flyer strait up into the air the flyer will come down at the same rate for the bases to catch the body. Newtons third law about two forces having an equal magnitude in opposite directions when they interact relate to this stunt perefectly.


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I love how you look at something you enjoy through the lens of physics.  We'll be getting into objects tossed up and down starting early next week!

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