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The Dark Knight Rises



A man with no extraterrestrial powers, takes the title of Batman or The Dark Knight, a well-known Superhero. How? By using human knowledge of physics. In the movie The Dark Knight Rises, Batman finds himself trapped in an underground prison with no way out but to climb the seemingly impossible, extremely tall, cylinder rock walls. It was a daunting task, one of which got Batman injured the first time he attempted it. But on his second try he didn't rely on the rope that was provided, instead he gave all responsibility to his muscles and determination to make it out alive to save the world. His muscles did all the physical work by adding kinetic energy to his body. Since he decided not to give himself a running start, he had to accelerate his body in a single movement. This proved really risky given the circumstances. Although there wasn't much space, a moving jump(running start) would have allowed Batman to introduce additional vertical velocity while conserving as much horizontal momentum as possible. With this moving jump Batman could have had more energy and it would have enabled him to jump a greater distance.


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