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Volleyball is full of physics. The angles at which one moves to the ball. The fastest way to get to the ball. The techniques that you use to hit the ball, pass the ball and set the ball all involve physics.

As a Libero, I only play in the back row and pass the ball. It is my job to help the team by given them good passes so the setter can then set our hitter to attack the other team on offense. I have to read the opposing teams plays and the hitters shoulders to see where, in my best judgement, the ball is going. By doing this I am helping my team becasuse since I have an idea of where the ball is going making it easier to get the ball up. To help me, my teamates, as blockers, put up a block to take away part of the court im suppose to be covering. This also helps make my job easier becuase then I dont have to cover that area becuase they are. Also, being low and on my toes helps me as a passer becuase in the position I have more momentum to get to the ball coming at me.

Volleyball is full of physics! These are a only a few ways.


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