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Introduction to Physics



The first month of physics has gone by extremely fast. I have learned that physics is essentially everything around you, most people just don't know that! Kinematics has been exciting for me, because I like math. I like the idea that there is a definite answer for everything, and when looking for an asnwer (i.e. acceleration, initial velocity, distance, etc.) there are multiple ways to solve it.

I also like the fact that there are many different equations that you can use, and when one doesn't fit with the information you have, you can just move onto another one! I would like to understand more about how gravity and air resistance effects objects in motion. I love connecting phyiscs to horseback riding, and I would like to understand more of how it connects to jumping horses.


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Agreed.  I thought it would be just another science class that would have no practical applicatio to life, but it's really gotten me seeing the physics in my everyday life.

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