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Physics Reflection



I enjoy physics class so far, I've learned a lot in only one month and I am still learning new material every day. My first exam didn't go as well as I expected it to but it was due to careless mistakes and lack of reading the question slowly and carefully. I also enjoy having Mr.Fullerton as a teacher because he believes in making mistakes on tests and seeking help to correct mistakes that were made the first try. I am seeking help on the skills that I didn't do so well on and I will take a reassessment to correct my mistakes that I made on the motion graphs test. I also enjoy the fact that there's other teachers available to help me in case Mr.Fullerton is busy or helping another student. I look foward to physics this year and learning more new material. I plan on paying more attention in class and asking more questions so that i'll be better prepared for the tests that have yet to be given. My physics class is fun and entertaining, my class members are funny and outgoing and even though I don't really know anyone they all are very nice and don't mind working with me and I admire that.

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