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the physics behind texting



Texting and driving is not an unusual topic that is brought up, rather it can be a very heated topic because of the different point of views. Texting while driving is a factor of many deaths in our country. Physics can detect if you have been texting while driving. Using time and distance helps us see how teens react while driving when texting or even under the influence.

The average speed on a high way is normally 70 miles per hour. The average stopping distance for a driver who is not distracted would be 17.68 m. Someone who is texting, the average stopping distance would be 40.68m, roughly over 100 feet.

Evaluating that, take the physics even further with the calculations of that distance and time, what if a kid has not seen you and runs right in front of the car? It takes 5 seconds to send a text while driving, during those five seconds you are paying attention to the phone. Even when talking in person people appear distracted with cellular devices, how does one see a better result on the road?


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