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Physics of Basketball



Hi! I am a junior at Irondequoit High School and I am taking Physics this year because I didn't want to take an ap science. I play 3 sports for the high school soccer, basketball and lacrosse. I enjoy all of those sports alot but basketball is my favorite sport to play. I hope to learn alot about physics this year so I can apply it to real life. this will help my knowledge grow and understanding grow of why and how things work.

There are physics everywhere in the wide world of sports. One of the most prevalent is in Basketball. This is because you have to deal with everything from forces to gravity and motion. Forces is used in basketball in many ways. When you are shooting a shot you have to know how much power you want on it. If you are shooting a 3 pointer you are going to want to use more power in your shot compared to lay up. As well as you use force when you are dribbling a basketball because you want to use enough power to have the ball come back up to you fast enough so it is not stolen.

The use of gravity is also frequent in basketball because when you shot a shot the ball is naturually going to go down. This is because gravity naturually pushes the ball down. This will help you make more shots and figuire out how much arc you are going to use in order for the ball to fall at the moment you want it to.

Motion is also used in basketball because it is such a fast paced sport. Everytime you move you are using motion. When you play defense you need to move side to side in order to keep the person you are gurading in front of you. As well as when you are in your set offense and you are cutting and setting screens you make motion. You also use motion when you are going for a dunk so you can time your jump right.

This is how physics is used in basketball.


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