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Physics of Hockey



Hey, my name is Theo and I am a senior at Irondquoit high school and I am taking Physics because I am taking as many sciences as I can to impress colleges to hopefully get into a decent college and get a great education toward a major in biochemisrty. I am an overall athlete but my sport that I love and live for is hockey. Maybe sometime doing a game, physics can really help me if my team needed sometime to happen. Honestly physics interests me so I am excited about the rest of the year.

As we know physics is involvoed with everything. Sports especially. Hockey definietly deals with gravity, energy, force, acceleration, friction, mass, and momentum. For passing the puck it deals with force with trying to move in on to the next player. Gravity maybe involved in the pass is in the air or maybe it's on the ice and friction palys a role. Both impact where and how far it is going. Momentum and acceleration when hitting a player impacts the results of the collision as well as the mass of the player. Shooting on the other hand involves force, mass, friction, and power. To fire a slapshot or a wrist shot, mass and force involves is controlled by the player proventing the power as well. If the shot is on the ice friction is calculated into the equation. Hopefully with physics and the proper technique, you will have a solid shot.

I used physics everyday, before I didnt even know it but no i can excel thanks to physics.


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