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Physics of blogging



Don't spend your life trying to find a place where fisics doesn’t apply because it doesn't exist. Not even when you are blogging. When blogging you are most likely sitting at a chair and typing on a keyboard. This applies to Newton’s third law that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. As you sit in the chair to blog you apply a force, your weight, to the chair and the chair pushes back up at you with an equal force. This also happens when you press on the keys to type. As you push on the keys they push back with an equal force. If this law wasn’t true blogging would be fairly difficult considering you would fall through chairs and break keys on the key board. Existence in general would be hard without this law. This isn’t however the only fisics to blogging because inside a computer is almost every subject to fisics ranging from thermodynamics and fluids in the cooling system, magnetism and energy in the wiring of it, waves because there is light and sound waves emitted, circular motion in the fan and modern fisics due to the atoms that build and keep the computer together.

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