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Looking to rob a bank? Heres some advice...



blog-0664245001381283194.pngIf your like me, you love to play the video games, more recent games include Grand Thief Auto V. However, in most of these games guns and ammo are plentiful. Need a silenced pistol, machine gun, rocket launcher, most likely you have one on hand. But in all seriousness, how accurate is the arsenal that you carry on your back in most of these games?

Well first lets look at GTA V. In GTA a character brings an average of 4-5 guns to a heist plus ammo. If these guns include a pistol, shotgun, machine gun, assault rifle, grenade launcher and rifle the weight adds up... if each gun has say 50 rounds the total weight is around 110 lbs and that doesn't include the weight of the grenades and sticky bombs. Not to mention that with only 50 rounds each you would run out of ammo very fast.


Other games are worse, possibly the most weight intensive game is DOOM. The average weight is about 150 pounds, this includes a pistol, shotgun, chain gun, rocket launcher, plasma gun, chain saw, and, of course, the BFG.

Carrying this much seriously inhibits mobility and endurance (I don't care how fit you are), just try to escape the cops with 110 pounds on your back. I'd also like to see you find a way to carry 110 pounds solely with your back without breaking it.

Next time you decide to rob a bank, don't be fooled by these heavy inventory systems. Conserve ammo and guns, you can only carry so much. But remember kids, stay in school, robbing banks doesn't pay like it does in the games, especially if you don't take physics.

(I do not condone robbing banks, if you wish to replicate the experience, play payday 2)

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Hmmm, I also wonder about conservation of momentum with the BFG.  Would be a neat blog post to look at the BFG's effect when it hits a baddie, and estimate what should happen upon firing it to the shooter...

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