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Physics of Soccer



Hello, my name is Paul and I am currently a senior at IHS and I am taking physics because i thought it would be an interesting and hands on class. So far this year it is living up to standards. Overall, im taking physics to help understand why acts the way it does like jicking a soccer ball. I've been playing soccer since I was 3 and now with the help of physics, I can now know what kind of forces and such act on a ball as its kicked.

As we know physics is involvoed with everything especially in sports like soccer. Soccer deals with gravity, energy and momentum. For passing the ball, the type of surface that you play on can really have an effect on how the ball moves. Say you kick a ball on a grass field. It will go a little distance with little force/energy. And on a turf field, a little force/energy will cause the ball to go farther because there is less friction on a turf field. Both impact where and how far it is going. Shooting the ball involves force and power. As you go up to the ball and kick, the energy from your leg/foot is transfered to the ball which makes it go farther. As a soccer player, having a hard and accurate shot is needed to boost your team. Thankfully, physics can teach one how and why a soccer ball moves and now I know the inside details on how physics works in soccer.


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