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Physics in the Military



Physics is very important in the air force because if you need to bomb a particular place, or drop any sort of packages to a certain place, you need to know when it would be best for you to drop whatever it is that you need to drop. whoever is dropping the package is going to need to know the velocity, angle and know the accelerations in the vertical and horizontal directions. Using this information, the people can figure out how long it's going to take for the package to hit the ground. Using the same information, you can also figure out how far from the plane the package will land when it does hit the ground. You can also find with what velocity the package will hit the ground with. This may be important depending on what is inside of the package. Physics is used in the military through planes and also tanks. Physics is very important to a person in the military because it can help them figure out everything they need to know about what they're dropping in a fast and easy way.

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Absolutely.  Even things that seem as simple as dropping bombs from a plane (OK, not that simple) -- how fast did you need to go, and how high do you need to be so you don't blow yourself up?

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