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Physics of soccer



When I played soccer I never realized how much physics there was. For example, if I want the ball to go its maximum distance, I should kick it at 45 degree angle. Also, There is horizontal and vertical motion involved, all while I'm moving! As I'm running, I would apply force to the ball, causing mainly horizontal motion. However, if the ball came off the ground, vertical motion would now be involved and the force of gravity competes with the time the ball is in the air before gravity pulls it down. Throughout soccer, so many things are revolved around physics. The goalie: When the goalie wants to save a ball that's in the air, he or she may have to jump. They must time it just right so gravity doesn't bring them back to the ground before they're able to save the ball. The goalie also may have to jump sideways to catch a ball. If their save involves jumping and moving to the side, the goalie would have both horizontal and vertical forces acting on them. All in all, without physics, goalie's wouldn't be able to contribute to the team, the balls movement wouldn't have much explanation and the players motion would be a mystery.

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