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Physics In Doing Homework



Doing homework has a lot of physics in it. For example when you cant figure out a problem in your physics homework you may want to jump off a cliff. Now when you jump off the cliff you would have a vertical velocity of 9.81 because of the gravity. Depending on how high the cliff was you could figure of the time it would take you to fall. Another thing you could do if you couldn't do your math homework, you could launch yourself from a canon. In order to get the farthest distance you want to shoot yourself at a 45 degree angle, this would cause the horizontal and vertical velocity to be the same. If you are lucky you could be shot into a pool so that you could just cool off instead of doing your homework.


Recommended Comments

Mitchell is shot out of a cannon at an initial velocity of 100 m/s at an angle of 40 degrees from the horizontal.


Find the time it takes for Mitchell to *splat*...nevermind

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