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blog-0472964001382969107.pngI was thinking about earth. Mother earth. MASSIVE mother earth. If you're planning to leave earth at some point, good luck! Because to leave earth you'd need enough contained energy to send you off with a velocity of 11.2 Km/s, Or 11200 m/s. In concept, fairly simple. But in reality, not so much. Unless that is...

You had a MASSIVE SPRING. And i mean a spring that is unfathomably large. Lets do some math.

Our end goal is to attain 11200 m/s using a spring.

The amount of energy you would need to attain this speed can be represented by the equation, Energy= (1/2)mv^2

Or with numbers, E=((70 Kg)(11200 m/s)^2)/2

This comes out to be about 4390400000 J.

We can now use that in the equation to find the potential energy of a spring, which is E=(1/2)kx^2

Or after some math, 8780800000=kx^2

For this model, lets say we compress the spring 1 meter. In this case, the spring constant (k) of this spring would be 8780800000 N/m

Now, all this is cool, but it's extremely unfeasable. At this speed, an unprotected human body would be very likely to spontainously combust due to an incredible amount of friction from the air (Drag). The Molecules on the outside of the body would rapidly heat up and almost instantly ignite, as shown in the picture at the top of this blog.

In conclusion, dont try to leave the earth.

With love, your friend,


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I thank you for your informative post and drawing.  I'll make sure to pursue less combustible options of leaving Earth from now on.

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