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I am a varsity cheerleader and my brother, a sophomore at IHS, is our varsity quarterback. There is a great deal of physics involved in any sport, but in football it is very clear and evident. At the game just last week, I saw a perfect demonstration of the material in physics that we have been covering. As the quarterback, he frequently throws passes to his teammates. These passes follow a parabolic path from his hands to his teammates down the field. The path that the football takes is a projectile because it leaves his hands at a certain angle and will have a horizontal and vertical component. So, according to the math of physics and what we've learned about projectiles, what is the most efficient way for my little brother to throw the ball to help our team win? To start, the ball needs to leave his hand at an angle of approximately 45 degrees. Also, the bigger the initial velocity is, the longer the ball will fly before gravity pulls it downward towards the field. With these two components, my brother will be more equipped to efficiently throw the football and be the best athlete he can be.


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