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Using balence and skill to do tricks on a four inch elevated beam, this has alot to do with physics, from mount to dismount. Gymnastics is a fight agaisnt gravity, and beam is really the true test of this, for if you fall its a long way down with a hard object most likely to get in your way. Its important to be aware of the physics to maximize your chances of sucess. On beam theres alot of jumping and landing, hopefully at the perfect angle with the perfect amount of force therefore you dont fall off even after youve finished the trick due to too much force with no where to go but down and off. During a backhandspring on beam you want to leave the beam at a perfect angle so you can get both distance and height, but not too much. Your distance should be about the same as how all you are, your height should be a little less than how tall you are. Before doing this you must think about what angle you want to lean at and what angle you want your feet to leave the beam at. You also need to think about how much force you want to use, too little and youre hands will be on the beam to long, to much and once you land you risk not being able to control it.


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