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Physics of soccer



I played soccer for 10 years. Now that I am in a physics class I am learning that there is physics in soccer all the time. The point of soccer is to put the ball in the opposing teams goal. The only way to do that is to kick or head the ball in. Kicking is the most important part while playing soccer because if you want to dominate the field you have to be able to control the ball and be able to move it around the other team by using your feet. When someone kicks the ball they are putting a force on the ball which is greater than the ball so the ball moves through the air. When someone puts a great force on the ball it goes through the air which is a projectile. The ball has an intial vertical and horizontal velocity the acceleration of the horizontal does not change but the acceleration of the vertical is always 9.81m/s^2. Depending on the force and angel at which the ball is kicked will effect what the velocity, speed and how far the ball goes.


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