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how phyisics changed history: part one

Ben Shelton


Phyisics has had a tremendous influence on history, in all times and and places. The first instance of goes all the way back to cavemen times. The cavemen origionaly hunted with clubs. There wasen't much phyisics to this, just jump out at an animal and swing. However, as anyone who has ever seen a deer knows, animals tend to bolt at the slightest noise and it is impossible to out sprint four legs. So some anoynomuos Albert Einstien of an 10,000 B.C. created a spear. This way, if he failed at sneaking, he could throw his spear. When throwing, Albert the caveman would have to figure out the trajectory of his spear relative to the speed and angle of his quary( as well as his own velocity if applicable ) as well as the downward acceleration due to gravity. Given that this is melenium before any kind of writen carachters, let alone math, it is safe to assume Albert did this by trial and error. Becuse albert was more well fed, he could afford to do things like develop fire, the wheel, and all those other things we take for granted. Thank you, albert the caveman!


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