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The Quantum World and Why it Doesent Make any Sense



blog-0813289001383605272.gifSo the quantum world is a relatively new thing. This new world has only recently been discovered and it indeed very odd. This is because when you start to get down to individual atoms physics doesn't entirely hold up like its supposed to.

The most known phenomenon that was discovered was the fact that electrons can act like both a wave and a particle. This was found during a famous experiment call the double slit experiment. In this experiment several electrons were sent through two slits and where they landed after they passed through the slits was measured. What was expected to happen is that the electron would act like the particle it was and create two lines. However when the electrons were shot through the two slits they created a interference pattern like a wave would. The even weirder part is that when the scientists looked to see what was happening at the slits to make the electron make this pattern, the electrons went back to acting like particles. Very strange...

Latter on a physicist looked at this experiment and proposed that observing a particle in the middle of this experiment, after the electron had passed through the slit, would cause it to act like a particle. This would mean that by you observing the particle after it acted like a wave or particle would cause the particle to automatically act like a particle. So basically the conclusion of this experiment is that the present can influence the past.

Of course we are only talking about tiny amounts of time, however scientists believe that this property could also apply to light that is bent around a gravitational well (the well acts like the slits in the experiments). So this could mean that viewing light from distant galaxy's could change something that happened thousands of years in the past.

This is crazy...


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