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the physics of figure skating



so I was trying to think of one more topic to write about and my mom came up with figure skating, which automatically made me think of Casey Carlyle in the Ice Princess. I though of her because for the majority of the movie she was doing a research paper on the physics in figure skating to submit to a college. in doing a little research I found that what Casey discovered in the movie was true. for example, in order for a figure skater to spin at their fastest, they have to compact their body as much as possible. in doing so they are eliminating some air resistance that would slow their spin down. in compacting their body, they are also concentrating their weight on to a smaller area which in turn also increases their speed when they are spinning. also, for a figure skater to get the most amount of height they can in their jump, they have to push down into the ice hard and fast for several strides to gain as much speed as possible before hitting their toe pick into the ice to lift themselves into the air (which all leads to torque). speed and height are key components because the more you have of each, the longer they will stay in the air. which gives them more time to do advanced tricks to impress the judges. these are just a few of the things that I found to be true about physics and figure skating through the Ice Princess.

here's a clip from the movie that shows a little about what i'm talking about. sorry that the quality isn't the best.

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This is so awesome! It's been forever since I watched the Ice Princess and it's really cool to actually understand the physics they're talking about in the scene! Great post!

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