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Pirates Physics



Within the dawn of the 18th century, men and women of the Caribbean combated the greatest European empires like British Spanish and French using their need of cannon velocity and angled projectiles. pirates fires their cannons with a large angle of 45 degrees to make it more efficient to raid military vessels like Man o' wars. the cannons had a constant acceleration of 9.81 m/s2 for the cannons eventually fall to the earth's surface or to the military ship. by doing so these pirates gain bounty to gain riches from these empires and also they use mortars to destroy enemy forts through their free fall rate from a fired initial velocity then takes a second rest to an acceleration rate of also 9.81m/s2 to hit the forts. by using these weapons, these men and women became the most feared humans at the 17th century like Blackbeard and Benjamin horniguld.

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