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Physics of throwing something



Throwing anything typically involves us to pick up that object and manually throw that object in any direction. As we learned in physics, if you throw an object forward at a 45 degree angle, the object will have a greater dstance. We used this method and smarts during the construction and launching of our catapults last week. My group members along with myself built out catapult to our belief that we were gonn shoot for 80 yards. ha...silly people we are. Once our dream became more relistic, we focused on the angle and the amount of force we would be throwing a softball at. We calculated a 45 degree angle where our arm would stop ans where the soft ball would come out. To apply force and thrust the arm forward, we used the tension in bungee cords. In order for the softball to fly the farthest distance, we had to find the right size bungee cords that would fit our catapult and also provide the right tension for the job. overall, there is a lot of physics behind throwing an object and to maximize your outcome, have your angle of launch be at 45 degrees with as much power behind it to thrust forward.

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