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The Race to Lock People Out.



Being a middle child of 3, I've done my share of locking my brothers out of the house. You close the door, lock it, then race to the back door just in time to lock that as well and still get a chance to make a face at the one stuck outside. Quite the fun until you're the one locked out. Having done this routine recently, I started to think about all the physics that's behind this.

For starters, by slamming the door your exerting a force onto it. The force I push onto it becomes a greater force then the force exerted from the hinges. Then the big race to the other side includes alot of accelerating if you want to be there first. With your initial velocity being zeros and all, you're going to need a higher acceleration then the person you're racing against. And as the person jumps off the porch to go faster you can easily calculate the distanced traveled while jumping using vi, vf, d, a, t, and your handy equations. You will have to do both a vertical calculation and a horizontal equation in order to do so that way you have at least 3 pieces of information which are needed when solving for d.


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