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Man Of Steel Is The Dumbest, According to Physics.



Once again my blogging is relevant to my rampant and life ruining movie addiction. Now I'm going to discuss and by discuss I mean flagrantly criticize the movie Man of Steel and it's bafflingly horrendous physics. I get that you're supposed to suspend disbelief for film but i don't care, harshly judging things feels good. First of all I'd like to address the death of Krypton, in which an entire planet fell apart because they drilled for natural resources, the planet exploded because the inside of it had been emptied of things. Because that is totally how gravity works, when you take out what's beneath an object it explodes upward, like that one time my chair got pulled out from under me and i skyrocketed through the atmosphere oh wait no that's stupid, like the man of steel script. Second Superman's flying is ridiculous, if you try to say he hits escape velocity by jumping that might be plausible because super-strength or whatever but that can be completely ignored by that fact that the man hovers. He literally floats above the ground what work is being done to resist gravity? Is he thinking really hard about disliking it? Also how does he ever accelerate what additional energy can he add to his movement? He has no source of propulsion unless flamboyant capes count. Third Super strength is dumb. I'm really supposed to believe that gravity is that strong on Krypton, How would life evolve? If he can easily throw a car in our gravity, that means that he can produce an unbelievable amount of energy with his muscles, imagine how crushing gravity is on krypton to demand that level of energy production just to create an easy movement, you expect life to grow in that environment? The only way Superman is physically plausible is if Krypton was some sort of gravity hell-scape in which any upward movement would probably result in a violent crash back to the surface. Basically if physics applied to Man Of Steel everything on Krypton would be dead and superman would never save anyone or kill them for that matter given the amount of force he generates he probably kills sooo many things like that entire town he leveled in the movie.

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