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Physics in Breaking FInger



Well there is a lot of physics in breaking my finger, especially since i broke it while playing football. The force from the player on my finger which was not moving at all caused it to chip in three places. My finger had no reisitance on the normal force that caused it to break. But at the same time there is a good chance that i attempted to stop that person from tackling me which did not work by stiff arming them so my arm and the others person force would be greater than mine which caused my finger to break. Maybe if i was stronger and could gain some muscle and power my arm would of broke the other persons arm or finger instead of mine but i am simply a weak man. There is also physics in the fact that i suffer from the osteogenesis imperfecta at least not in the extreme form which causes bones to break easily anyway the building of my bones describe physics because trufuly bones are made of many cracks but the hierarchical structure allows the bones to be resistant, but in my case this is not so much.


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