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Physics in Football



Well there is physics i everything, but there are tons of physics in the worst sport in the world in which i just finished playing. In the Churchville game i played quarterback which caused me to do many things that involved physics in the positions itself, for example getting the snap which was at times a stuggle to catch due to my reaction time changed through out the game. from terry the snap would start from rest and then since we stand 5 yards that would be distance and since we dont know the acceleration we would just have to find other things at least three and from those three things we would be able to find the final velocity in which terry snapped the ball right before it reached my hands. Oh and almost forgot to add the coach timed terrys snap on average and the came back at about 1 second each time. From these three things you could figure out the velocity. Proving that physics is used in the sport of football.


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