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Its 95 degrees out, you've been outside all day whether it be playing sports, doing errands, or just relaxing. But as soon as you enter your house, you run to the refrigerator and grab the jug of water in desperation. You grab the jug of water in desperation and pour yourself a glass. As the water trickles down your throat a freezing sensation starts in your mouth and works its way through your esophagus and the rest of your body. Water is the life source to all humanity and living things. Water has many different wonders, one of which has to do with a spin on your previous knowledge of photosynthesis.

Water, carrying nutrients, must overcome gravity to reach the great heights of many trees in order to sustain them. This is caused by the complex design of the polar water molecule. It has on positive side and one negative side, with this they form hydrogen bonds with other water molecules. Water too bonds with whats around it like, take for example, a narrow glass with a small opening, the water molecules would not only form bonds with each other but also with the glass. In doing so, the water molecules act as links in a chain as the water climbs up the sides of the glass. Adhesion and cohesion, relating to the aforementioned example, are also forces demonstrated in a tree as water goes up through the roots to the trunk through capillaries. Water creates an upward pull that transmits through water molecules below they both lift up the water to each leaf branch, etc. In an essence, water is capable and does climb great lengths. Water is one of the many necessities need to keep Humans alive and well so let us not take that for granted.



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