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Physics in BASKETBALL!!



Yesterday i made my return to basketball, we at least sideline shooting and dribbling. It was the first time i shot in a long time so i was a little rusty but with the help of some physics that changed quickly besides the fact that im just amazing. Taking in the things like the height of a player like myself being 6'1 the speed of a persons release, which mine is much slower than most people the height of the basket which should always be ten and the angle that you are releasing at a individual should also know the exact way to get a perfect shot, of course without taken in the defense or possible chance of being fouled and air reistance. So Imagine that you were standing 24 feet from the basketball and you take account your height and the ideal angle which is 45 degrees you would want your ball to be traveling at around 8.48 m/s. Which i found out would be the perfect shot at a sparq camp which actually told people. WIth those numbers you could determine any of the other but it shows the with distance, velocity and angle projectory physics connnected to helping my perfect my jump shot.


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