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In basketball trajectory is everything, whether it be the height you put on a lob pass to the post, or the arc you put on your shot. The lower your trajectory to 0 the flatter the arc on your shot or pass. If passed or shot at a 45 degree angle, the ball will travel the furthest distance. But when shooting, distance isn't everything, you want the highest chance of making a shot, and 45 degrees or lower, is just too flat to be consistently effective (Unless you are Kobe Bryant). Some of the best shooters in the world, have flat shots, but more often than not, the reason they are so good is because of how much they practice. If you were a bad shooter, the first thing you would want to work on is your arc. To a certain extent, the more arc you put on a ball the better chances it has of going into the basket, the best trajectory, would be between 46 and 50 percent.


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