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Every force has an opposite equal force



Newton's third law is for every force there is an equal opposite force and this law can be applied to many different sports, especially swimming. As a swimmer you have to go from one end of the pool to the other end of the pool multiple times and the way we get there is by applying Newton's third law. When we are swimming freestyle to go forward we place our hands in in front of us, however we are not pushing the water forward, we are pushing it behind us. When we push the water behind us that is how we propel ourselves forward. When we are flip turning off the wall we are pushing down on the wall and the wall pushes back on us and that makes us leave the wall. The last way that it is applied is when we are diving off the blocks, we push back on the block and it pushes back on us which enables us to go forward off the block. That is how Newton's third law is applied to swimming.

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