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We Have Lift-Off...



I recently travled down to Iroquois middle school to take advantage of a non-windy day to launch my favorite model rocket, and explore some physics in the process. The winds were coming from the South at about 7 mph, so the East end of the field had to be utilized for the launch, and everything went flawlessly because of planning ahead in this fashion.

Some specs of the solid fuel engine I used are as follows:

The average impulse is 5N/sec

Maximum thrust was 12.1N

Time to rise was about 3 seconds including delay between when the engine stopped until parachute deployment

Maximum altutude was about 400 feet

With all these stats, I concluded that the initial velocity off the pad was approximately 80m/s!!!!! Good thing these model rockets are unmanned...

Below is a picture of pre-launch setup :)

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