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Getting To School Late All Day Every Day, With Physics!



I've been told that school starts at 8 am, as of now i have yet to confirm this outlandish myth. I've only ever seen this school from 8 10 on to 3 00 and presumably that is the span of time in which it actually exists, the rest of the day it's probably just an empty lot with the ashes of burnt regents exams, that's what they do with regents exams right? Burn them? I mean that's the only logical thing to do.

Hmmm well now it's time to make this rant physics relevant. How shall I accomplish this? By breaking down the physics of my tardy walk to school that results in the building snapping into existence, plot twist that is exactly what i'm going to do. This journey begins with an initial input of energy, the sound of an alarm, such suffices to overcome the resisting force of a luxurious bed and bestow a velocity that moves me to perform standard morning malarkey shower shave etcetera. With that done I travel down the stairs now with a velocity in the x and y and z directions yowzah! When I hit the back door there is a massive deceleration, the emotional weight of leaving my humble abode is rather slowing. So I slowly depart in sullen spirits and begin the trek to the estate of education and a lot of annoying student like seriously way too many annoying kids there has to be something we can do with them. About half way along my 400 meter journey, I check my watch, and wow i'm late, waaaaay later than is considered fashionable, I've made a huge mistake, maybe I should just go home. Nope Massive acceleration in direction of the school, oh no wait i'm going to school, slight acceleration in the direction of school. Eventually I reach the door of the school, I do my best to muster enough force to move the door and tragically succeed, I have now performed work on the door and in the process doomed myself to be educated. Which is the worst. That is the physics of arriving to school late, and it you're wondering how I have an alarm and I arrive to school late, no I did not make an error in my narrative, I set my alarm knowing I'll be late, I just don't care that i am.


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