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Physics While Using This Physics Blog Site Because Physics On Physics On Physics



I'm gonna open this post up with a quick comment on the creative titling of everyone's blog posts. Is there some ancient law written in the blood of our ancestors that says "thou shall only run an aplusphysics blog if every blog post doth have the words "physics of/in/behind" upon it's title". I mean c'mon everyone get your title game on point. Seriously with a title that boring I'm about to accelerate my scrolling velocity sooo hard just to get away from your stereotypical generic brand physics blog. Of course there are some exceptions, titles like "buttery gnar" supply a sufficient impulse to transition my momentum from the direction of scrolling to the direction of reading. I mean really now "Buttery Gnar" what sort of grand mystery hides behind that title, I definitely feel a stronger force to gravitate towards that rather than "physics of throwing something" that title packs a huge force of repulsion, it's lack of enthusiasm is so extreme that the natural flow of the universe literally demands that some of my enthusiasm be sucked out to establish equilibrium. I don't even have that much enthusiasm to begin with, so thanks to that blog title and the universe for being a kill joy. To sum this all up, lame blog titles are lame and physics agrees.

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