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Writing Stuff With Physics Stuff



So when I arrive at college, I will have taken two years of AP physics and be starting a long and joy filled four years majoring in... english. If you fail to see how these two relate, congratulations you are achieving normalcy. Tragically normalcy is myopic so you're still pretty much wrong, writing involves physics, you just have to think about it for a while, and really reach for a connection.

Writing comes with its related force, velocity, momentum, acceleration, etc, it can just be a little more abstract. To begin with there is the obvious initial literal circumstance holding the pencil and applying a sufficient force as to leave a graphite trail on the paper. From hear on out the velocity and acceleration have a more abstract air about them. Your velocity is obviously your rate of writing but this rate's dictating acceleration is driven by your inspiration rather than any particular force. The frictional force that causes you to decelerate and eventually stop is called writers block rather than a rough surface or drag.

The physics of writing certainly isn't all that complicated, there's no electromagnetism or other major difficulty, but physics is most definitely present because physic is like death and taxes, inescapable.

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