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More Basketball 2



Have you ever wondered why you always come down when you jump up? It's because of gravity a force that is always present on Earth. Gravity is what pulls you back down after you jump up. It's the reason why a basketball travels in a parabola when you shoot it. It is taking effect on the entire flight of the ball, like the incline. It's just the normal force pushing upwards against the force of gravity, but eventually once the ball reaches 0 m/s the ball starts to accelerate back down at a rate of 9.81 m/s^2. You can really tell gravity has worked right when it hits the apex, because that's when the opposing forces have equaled out! Sadly,Gravity will always have the same amount of force as long as we are on Earth... but if you go to a place like the Moon gravity is roughly 1/6 as strong as it is on Earth so you jump, or pass, or shoot a basketball a lot farther!


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