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The Physics of Procrastination!



I'm sitting in the commons. Enjoying my Friday morning, of course. But suddenly, I am awakened to the thought of physics. Not actual physics, but a deadline! I needed to finish my blog posts! And now I sit, with two other helpless Physics C students, as we plow through some blogs.

As I sit, inactive, I burn about 100 calories per hour. Which, suprisingly, is not too bad. So I'm actually excercising.

If you just sit, however, you burn a suprising 65 calories per hour - the energy it takes to simply stay alive and maintatin bodily functions.

So, while writing this blog post, I've used about 52.3 joules of energy. Workout complete.

Sure, jogging for an hour will burn upwards of 500 calories, but I'm not training for the olympics.


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