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Independent Unit



So these past two weeks we've been doing an independent unit on momentum, and I just thought I'd share my thoughts on it.

On some level, I like the independence of this unit: going at my own pace, picking what I want to do each day, doing stuff in whatever order I want, working with other people, etc. It's nice not to have a structured class period every day, and I like learning at my own pace.

But then again, there are definitely aspects of this unit I'm not fond of. For example, I really hate reading textbooks to learn stuff for science and math concepts; I often have a hard time comprehending the information. It's one thing to learn the info in class and then just do practice problems in the textbook, but to learn the info in the textbook first - I find it very difficult. Sometimes it's because I zone out and have to reread stuff, but frequently it's just because I simply don't understand what I'm reading and have to reread or try practice problems step by step.

Aside from that, I'm grateful that I feel mostly comfortable with this unit already from last year - I just have to work on finding the center of mass and mastering 2D momentum problems, along with a few other (hopefully minor) things. I'm liking the Walter Lewin videos and finding them very helpful - I enjoy his teaching style. And even though it's a lot of work, I know I'll definitely benefit from the webassign and all the MC and practice problems in the IU packet! Let's hope this test on Tuesday goes well :phew:

Until next time,

bazinga818 :ass:


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