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Weather Report.



This blog post is very important.

Read this blog post.

But first, Click this link to receive the full effect from this post. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7_vNpVXubA&sns=fb

Now lets get started.

Physics is really cool. When you boil everything down to its (Almost) simplest form, you're left with atoms and molecules. Those are the building blocks of everything in our entire universe. But consider a wall.

A wall.http://www.freefever.com/wallpaper/2560x1920/textures-wallpapers-bricks-brick-wall-red-bricks-texture-red-bricks-texture-wallpaper-62615.html

This wall is made of atoms. Tons and tons of tiny atoms.

Now lets think about atoms and energy. When energy is passed to an atom its often in the form of kinetic energy, causing the atom to move or vibrate. But atoms are naturally always vibrating anyways. That being said: It's possible, very unlikely, but possible that all the atoms in the wall could vibrate in such a way that a hole opened in the wall the exact shape of your body and you could walk through.

Thank you for your time



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