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Physics and Softball



Last unit we learned about circular motion. And circular motion can be applied in many places while playing softball. One instance in particular is when you are pitching. I am a pitcher and circular motion is involved alot considering your arm is traveling around in a circle. If you were allowed to have you arm travel around more than once you would be able to find your arms centripetal acceleration by using this equation: A=v^2/r. You could also find the frequency aka the number of revolutions completed in one second. And also the period of your arm which is the time it takes to complete one full revolution at a constant speed. Lastly something that we talked about in this unit is that if you were to let go of the object in motion and draw a line to see where it goes, it would be tangent to the circle. You can do this while pitching. You can aim how high or low the ball will go based on where you let go thinking about tangents.


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