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Winters in Rochester



During the winter the roads here can get pretty bad. The roads can be covered with ice and slush making you slide when you turn or try to stop. The ice and your rubber tires together have a very low coefficient of friction meaning that when those two surfaces are moving (one on another) the amount of friction between them is very low. This is what causes your car to slide as you turn or when you try to stop. Plus, once you start sliding all frictional forces are acting against you, in the opposite direction making it very hard to stop. A good way to help yourself get out of the swerving, fishtailing, or spinning out is to "go with the flow". Your first instinct is probably to try to straighten yourself out, but when you do that, you're only losing more and more traction and sliding even more. What you want to do is go with it so you can regain the friction between your car's tires and the road.


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