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Your brain allows your eyes to create light...



In a recent study, hikers were reported to have seen their own hands moving about in the COMPLETE darkness of a cave.

This "seeing without light" phenomenon is studied heavily by University of Rochester's Duje Tadin, who explains that humans have sort of a sixth sense, where we are aware of the position of our extremities even with the absence of visible light.

I know what you're thinking...maybe humans are simply capable of seeing weak amounts of infrared light? That's simply not the case. It's our brain creating the image for us; creating false light that only WE perceive.

The experiment, conducted by placing a blindfold over your eyes and waving your hands about, only worked for about half the participants. The explanation was simply that some people have weaker links between their brains and their perceived body position.

So, are our brains creating photons? Unfortunately not in this sense...but the reality is a bit more interesting. Our brains are so perfectly wired up that we are able to have awareness of where our body parts are...even with the absence of out perceived visible light spectrum.

Thanks, brain.


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