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Giants- vertical circular motion



Giants are the skill of being able to cast into a full circle around the bar, and to be able to continue this motion consistantly. Giants are a basic skill in gymnastics usally learned in level seven. There is alot of physics involved in giants including friction, gravity, and work. Giants are easier on strap bar because there is no friction slowing you down and you dont have to worry about flying off the bar. If you were to release the bar you would fly off in a tangent to where you let go and the direction you were going. Timing is everything because you need to know when to release the bar to land where you want or for release skills. The circular motion is accelerating to the center, you really feel this and understand it. You can either use gravity to your benefit or to your disadvantage; when "falling" down you use this time to accelerate so you have enough motion to get back to the top, so you can continue rotating.


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