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Physics in Playing Tug-of-War



My crazy 100 pound german shepherd loves playing and when we fight over his toys we both exert forces on each other and as the toy moves between us we are both doing work. When me and Shiloh play tug of war with his toys, he usually wins. Due to the fact that I am pulling as hard as I can to get the toy out of Shiloh's mouth, when I win I have done work. However, it usually takes me a long time which means overall I use less power. If I were to use more power, the time would be shorter and Shiloh probably wouldn't expect me to be ripping it out of his mouth so fast. If I exert a bigger force on the toy, my work done will be greater and hopefully Shiloh won't be exerting a stronger one on the toy against me. As long as I use my knowledge of power and work, I should be able to win against Shiloh every time we play tug of war.


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