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Action and Reaction pt.1



Newton believed that every action had an equal and opposite reaction, meaning that all forces come in pairs. If object 1 exerts a force on object 2, then object 2 must exert a force back on object 1 which is equal in magnitude and opposite in direction. Success in Basketball can be found by folling the same kind of idea, and it applies to both offense and defense. On offense, a key to running an efficient attack would be spacing. Spacing has to do with how far each of the five offensive players are from eachother. Naturally if there are 5 gives on one side of the court it will be very difficult to score, because there just won't be that much space to work with. You tend to want 2 players on the side that the ball is on, and either two or three players on the side where the ball isn't depending on your team. If you have a good center, which is the player that is normally tallest or strongest can be right in the center of the court, so you would want 2 players on the ball side, 2 players on the non-ball side, and your bigman in the paint, or the middle near the basket. The four players out on the perimeter, then weave and pass the ball, rotating around the basket and the big man. This is similar to the motion offense the Eagles like to play, it is very effective, if you have the right players. One of the possible ways to run an offense if you dont have a dominating big man, you can sometimes run 5 players on the perimeter, and the players can take turns rotating onto the block, but the spacing becomes much for difficult to keep. The key point, is that for every pass and cut, the other 3 perimeter players react, and fill out the open space, the bigman, depending on the offense may run to the other side of the court, to where the ball is.


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