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Introducing (the) Swagmeister Himself



Whassup phellow physics phans mai naim iz teh Swagmeister (noh reallee) and I <3 Phyzics (with da man Phullerton, my homie teach). I liek tuh run, tuh read, tuh harass pplz, and tuh talk about mudkipz... but mostly tuh run. I is good at everythang (except teh grammer) and has nowhere to improve. I would liek to become an engineer or a phyzicist (big wordz!). I is taking tuh AP C course becauze I reallee liek phyzics an' want to learn more bout teh world's mysteriez. I is excited to learn dem calc-based phyzics and I's hope to get a bettar understanding of phyzics as a hole. I is anxious bout nothin' cuz i knows everything. Here'z to a gr8 yr, and hopefully u cans read tis.

~Da Swagmeister


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Pleased to have you aboard Swagmeister... my head hurts a little from reading that (your poor English teacher!) but I think I got the gist. Looking forward to a fun year! :labmate)

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Guest hrh555mem


You're good at everything? Hmmm.... :) We'll have to test that. I'm thinking we should go iceskating once it gets cold, because you should be excellent at that. :P Looking forward to this year with you!

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Based on the lovely grammar in this, I'm thinking you should probably be more anxious for AP Lit... ;)

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