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Action and Reaction pt.2



Last time I talked about Netwon's 3rd Law, and how it is similar to offense in basektball. I said that "Newton believed that every action had an equal and opposite reaction, meaning that all forces come in pairs. If object 1 exerts a force on object 2, then object 2 must exert a force back on object 1 which is equal in magnitude and opposite in direction." To be good at defense in Basketball, it would be great to follow a similar concept. On defense your goal when matched up to a player on 1 on 1 defense your goal is to shut down 1 player and make sure they can not make an impact on the game. You want your defensive assignment to score as little as possible or better, not at all. Follow your player like a shadow. whatever he does, you follow that, so if he drives to the basket left, backpedal, and try to stay in front of him. direct him with your defense. If your playing a little bit off of him, stand between him and the ball, this is called being in hte gap, if you play it correctly, you should always be aware of the ball and the man. You are vulnerable to a back cut, if you dont watch your man carefully. If you correctly know where the ball and your man is, you are always in a good position to steal the ball off a pass. The 3rd Law idea also helps hear, as you have to shadow the offensive player your gaurding, mirror his movemnts so you can always stay in the gap, and you can always be in the position to steal the ball. Your goal should be to never let your assignment even touch the ball. No scorer can score without the ball, and that is something to remeber. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< In this clip, Kobe cuts, and recieves the ball for an easy two points, the defender didn't have a good enough position to either stop Kobe, or steal the ball, and this is exactly what you do not want to happen as a defensive player.


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