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physics in spongebob



In one of the episodes of SpongeBob, Patrick holds a book titled: "The Physics of Fun." Physics appears to be everywhere. Patrick reads this book to find out what has changed since he fell off a cliff in Jellyfish Fields. As the title of the book already says, the book is about physics of having fun. The book doesn't give Patrick any further information but say we plugged in numbers. Patrick weighs 150 pounds with all the krabby patties he eats. He falls vertically down the cliff. He is in the air for 10 seconds before he falls flat on his face. How high off the ground was the cliff?

d= vi(t) + 1/2(a)(t)^2

Patrick's initial velocity is zero because for a slight second he is frozen as he falls. Patrick falls vertically of the cliff so theres an influence of gravity.

d= 490.5

Luckily Patrick lived and there were more episodes created.


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